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As countless frame makers experimented with new materials and unorthodox aesthetics, Felt Bicycles focused on function over form, on a painstakingly iterative design process, and on adapting the bike’s characteristics to the fit needs of the rider, rather than the other way around. Felt’s goal is to produce the best bicycle possible, regardless of how long it takes.


Aero Science

Felt aero bikes are wind tunnel developed. They are bringing prototypes to the wind tunnel, making changes, and then going back and refining the design before the carbon fiber molds are ever cut.


Carbon Fiber

Lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel, and with Felt’s manufacturing techniques, carbon fiber bicycles offer an unmatched combination of ride compliance, stiffness, strength, and efficiency.


Design Methodology

The introduction of a new Felt bicycle comes at the conclusion of a long, thoughtful, and rigorous process. The amount of time from initial concept to a new bike can take years to complete.

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